Friday, November 19, 2010

Kathy Van Zeeland Purses

I've been working at Ross for quite a while, and this is where I started getting into Kathy Van Zeeland purses. I love her designs, to me they're stylish and spacious for everything I like to carry around. Her purses have different price ranges, but the ones I've gotten regular price is $89, and at Ross or Marshalls I have gotten them at $40. She's also into designing wallets, luggage, belts, shoes, and so much more!!

These are the two KVZ purses I currently own...

Grayish/Purplelish Animal Print

Front view; Macro shot

Close-up look of her logo; Back view.

Cute zipper design, and close up of animal prints. 

Inside view of this purse.

Flowery Pattern

Front view, and logo view.

Back view, and close up of a flower design.

It has five compartments in total, and inside view of center compartment.

Both Together

First one is kind of bulky but I think it's great to have different compartments to categorize items. The other one looks more lean and has one mini compartment on each side.

These are some other designs I found online that I thought were kute...

This one looks princess-like.

Black purse with gold color zippers, great combination.

 Do you guys own any KVZ purses, if so which models?


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