Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Current Obsession: iPod Nano

To this day I've owned three iPods. The first one I got was iPod Mini, this was back in high school when they started coming out. It was only black and white lol, and I got it in Pink. I gave it away to my mom [she doesn't even use it lol] Then like three years ago I got the iPod Classic in White, best one I've owned!! With 30 GB space!! I could add about anything! Music, video podcasts, movies, games, files, anything really! This year I decided to get the iPod Nano, after my old one completely stopped working. Either way the screen had scratches, and the center button you couldn't press anymore. I had given it really good use! I still miss it :(
ipod mini

What I love about the Nano is how you can turn it sideways and it will detect that to view the album horizontally. It also has radio, and on the main menu you can view album covers on the bottom part. You can even shake the nano to play the next song, I love doing this!! lol I always love to have my Nano with me for when I'm going to work/college I have something to listen when I'm riding the Metromover. I always prefer to buy my iPods straight from the Apple website this way you can engrave your name on the back for free, and there's no cost for S&H, how kool is that? When I got mine I decided to write on the back...

i luv musik

Now a few days ago Apple decided to come out with a new version of iPod Nano, 6th G -.- It's ok, I'll stick with mine, singing to Just the Way You Are ♪♫♪.....

Till next time,
Rosalyn Osorto

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