Monday, September 20, 2010

First Review!!

I want to review three products I have been using lately...

Rohto Artic
It feels like it burns!! and cools at the same time!! It's for minor irritation and good as a lubricant. I do like how my eyes get white fast, but I just don't like the sensation. I've used other eye drops that you can get whiter eyes without no pain. There's also Rohto in Cool and Ice, but I heard Arctic hurts less. I still like it, but I don't love it.

Crest 3D White 
This is the second tube I have used. For a cheaper choice to whiter teeth I would recommend this. For almost instant results I have used the whitening strips. This says to give results in two weeks but I have seen results in only a few days. I can proudly say I have almost the perfect colgate smile :D

Revlon ColorStay
I love how it runs on smoothly. Unlike Avon eyeliner it's hard to apply on. I got in in black but it's more like a dark black not like the blackest black you can get with Estee Lauders. I don't like the fact you can't place the top on the other end of the pencil this way you don't risk losing the top or dropping it. I use it as an eyeliner and to color my brows.

This has been my first review on any product, I hope it has been helpful and I'll continue doing some other helpful reviews.

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