Friday, September 24, 2010

Great deals!!

I love shopping at Marshalls and Ross, you get brand items for cheaper prices. For the longest time I had wanted a Kathy Van Zeeland purse but hadn't found the right one for me. This time without being in search of a KVZ purse I found it!! After pregnancy I don't know why purple became my obsession, and this bag definitely had to be for me. It's mainly purple/violet with flowery design. Her purses run around $89 but at Marshalls I got it for $40!!

It has three main compartments, plus one on each side. I love having many compartments that way I can have my things organized; I use the middle one for my camera, one for beauty stuff [sunglasses, eyedrops, mirror, chapstick] one for random stuff [candy, pen, wallet, keys]  one of the side ones [moist wipes, hand sanitizer, cell phone] and the other side for [receipts] lol.

My next huge deal is my facial brush!! A few weeks before I had been looking at the Clarisonic Mia brush, but this was $149. The one I found at Marshalls is Pretika brand and it works just the same. It has the same functions. It has a 20 sec. timer to wash different parts of the face, it's waterproof to use in the shower, it cleanses and exfoliates plus I love how it leaves my skin, soft feeling without irritating. This I got for only $30, what a huge difference!!

When I buy perfumes I like to get set that comes with the lotion, and sometimes with the body wash too. This way the smell will last longer throughout the day. I'm going to miss my Pink Sugar fragrance, which I always get great compliments on, but I wanted to try something new. I got Cabotine Rose perfume and lotion for only $20.

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