Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Not Walking Yet

Jaslyn is not walking on her own yet. She stands and walks around with the help of furniture, or when we hold her hands she walks on tippy toes. I personally like her not walking yet, people tell me it's easier when they crawl and it's more tiring when they walk or run around. I also noticed the later they walk the better straight legs they will have I think. I remember as little girl I felt my sister got all the attention and because I would get jealous whenever I saw her trying to walk I would sit her down lol. Nowdays she has straighter legs than I do, I started walking before I turned one and I always thought I had chicken legs haha. Not anymore but they're not straight as hers. Meanwhile I'll let Lyn continue doing her adventure crazy stuff.


  1. she is soooo cute!!!! i think it's easier when they walk. i hated the crawling stage because my daughter would find every little thing on the floor and i had to clean the floors much more often. i really like her walking, much easier for me!

  2. You're right, now I think so too!! =D
    Less hassle lol

  3. she is so cuddly and cute. Assist her as she continues her journey in learning how to crawl then walk.


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