Thursday, September 23, 2010

You've Got Mail!!

So excited!!! So yesterday I got what I had ordered three days before, it felt like eternity!! I ordered my 'Rebuild Your Vision' book, eye vitamins, pinhole glasses, beaded eye mask, and my eyelash heater. I got everything the same day!

I'll begin with my eyelash heater curler. I decided to get it after I saw a review on YouTube by Dulce Candy and it's from Blinc. Like the name says, basically it just heats up your lash to curl your eyelash. I think this will be better than the regular lash curler, I always feel like it makes my eyelashes messier making the hairs go different ways. I'll be testing this one out and see how it works.

Next is my beaded eye mask. I'll be using this to give my eyes a rest after I begin my eye exercises. After searching online I found out there's actually a way to get your vision back the natural way. Beaded eye masks are better because they retain more of the coldness or the heat. I decided to also get the cover. Both are from Dream Essentials.

Now the pinhole glasses. This I got to exercise my eyes, they also help to regain vision. This I got from PromoLife.

 Last but not least, my "Rebuild Your Vision" book, that kame with the eye vitamins. This books contain essential eye exercises that will help me regain my vision like new!! I've read some great reviews!! Looking forward to begin this eye routine.

  Till next time,
  LynSire XoX


  1. let me know how the eye exercises go. If they work for you, well then there may be hope for me too. lol!

  2. Haha, I will. Yesterday I went for an eye checkup so the first step is to downgrade the prescription, my doc said it was fine, so by tomorrow I should be getting my new glasses. I'm glad Medicaid covered everything! My prescription now is L -5.00 R -4.00 I'll be getting L -4.50 R -3.50!! Yayyy :D


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