Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Crystal Deodorant

Now that we're still in October and it's breast cancer awareness month I want to share the best deodorant that I've ever used! It's 100% pure and natural, it doesn't have all those harmful ingredients that most deodorants have. It really gives me 24 hour protection, and I think I've been using the same deodorant bottle for more than a year now, that's how really long it lasts!! (4.25 oz.) It won't stain, it's not greasy, or sticky so it won't leave the white mess on clothes. There's three different bottle colors: clear, blue, and pink. I have the blue, the one on the right.

I like to apply this at night right after taking a shower, this way I don't have to worry about applying deodorant in the morning. The way to apply is wet the crystal surface, I like using warm water, and roll it to underarms just as you would any other deodorant. It really works throughout the whole day! It has no fragrance, I like it this way you won't get the mixture of scents from perfume, hair spray, deodorant, etc.

Natural mineral salts (Ammonium Alum)
Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis Extract)

It's super cheap! You can get it at any drugstore, or buy it online, it's only $7!! and best part is they donate part of their proceeds to Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation for the Cure!

I highly recommend this to everybody! Not only is healthy for you and the Earth, but also you'll be supporting a good cause.

I also wanted to show the Miami Downtown building that lights up in Pink for the whole month of October every year...

Rosalyn Osorto


  1. Thank you for the sweet comments! =)

  2. I will definitely keep this in mind, thanks for sharing!:D

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