Friday, October 29, 2010

Good Skin With Aloe

A good friend of mine came over one day and brought me aloe for my breakouts assuring me that it would help. I then remembered when I was a little girl when I still didn't suffer from any breakouts, I would go to one of my friends house and see her older sister applying aloe on her face almost every day. I kind of remember she had acne all over her forehead and cheeks, now days her face is all clear. Back then she was a teen so I guess it's the time when acne can be at it's worse. So I did a little research a few days after I started applying Aloe...

History: Even Cleopatra used aloe in her beauty regimen, and in ancient Egypt it was considered the "plant of immortality".

Facts: This is a healing plant and it grows naturally in the desert and can survive long periods without soil or water.

Benefits: The gel inside the plant is almost identical to the ph balance of human skin and this gives it the ability to heal like no other plant with a high water content of 96%.

So this is what I have been doing...
At night time I apply aloe and leave it on the whole night. It's kind of sticky and might be itchy but it will dry up like a mask. I'm used to sleeping on my back because I have back pain, so if you're used to sleeping sideways I don't think it's a good idea. Of course you can always apply it during the day for a few minutes but I feel that I'll see results much faster if I leave it on for hours. After just a few weeks I've seen incredible results, I'm not breaking out as often. I apply my Bio-Oil underneath the aloe to help as a moisturizer and help with the scars.

I also read aloe is useful to treat cuts, wounds, burns, and insect bites that it's equally effective to treat acne. It moisturizes the skin and also heals scars and redness associated with acne.

Nature's gift to us ♥



  1. I use Aloe vera for burns..My nana has a Aloe vera plant in her front!

  2. there are so many products with aloe these days!
    Most of them are pretty good ^^

  3. I used to use it for burns! Every time I burnt myself, my mom used to make me go get a piece of aloe from the garden. I never knew it was good for breakouts!


  4. Thanks for reading and commenting :)

  5. Thanks for posting, I love Aloe too and it smells good!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  6. I use Aloe a lot... And, like Marie, a love the smell!

  7. I am not able to use aloe... I break out more and more.
    And in the most products against breaking out is aloe -.-

    xo lala


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