Saturday, October 9, 2010

Jaslyn's Room

Welkome to my daughters room. When I first started decorating Lyn's room I knew I wanted the theme colors to be pink and purple... [click on images for large view]

The curtain is purple, walls on opposite sides are pink. Ever since I have bought accents to match the theme pink/purple/dots/stripes.

Lyns Room Accents

Left side for her caps, and right side for the bibs.
Toy organizer.
Fluffy baskets for her pajamas and blankets.

Stick-On Wall
 These are pictures I printed out from snapfish and made into a collage to stick on the main entrance wall. 

 Later in the back corner I used her first year birthday cards to add some color, she enjoys looking at these. You kan see some of the mess she likes leaving :P

 Removable stickers for wall, I got this from flair4all.

Hang-On Wall

 More pink/purple and dots/stripes to add to the theme. The baby girl is me when I was about three months.

I fell in love with this pink digital clock when I saw it at Target. I like the different colors on the numbers, and all her little pair of shoes.

And a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who gave me everything. Before giving birth to Lyn I already had three cribs, I got two changing tables, a moses, the rocking chair with ottoman, eating table, and baby toys. The dresser was mine from childhood. So blessed to have such nice people around me.

Rosalyn Osorto


  1. i love that alarm clock! so adorable :)

  2. hey if your interested i have these 3 butterflies different colors very girly. Thay have stripes and things like that, that you might like. if you want to see it i can send you a pic.

  3. What kolor are they? I'm trying to stay between pink and purple. Let me see them :)

  4. Oh I love the room and the color, so cute for a little princess :) Your daughter is so cute!! And the room is very girly and I love it!


  5. i just saw the reply. yep i'll take a pic. i don't know how good it will come out, but i'll post it.


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