Thursday, October 28, 2010

Naturistics - Trippin

I love, loVE, LOVE, LOOOOOVE, this nail polish!! I stole it from my sister, shhhhhh!! She wants it back but I won't give it back!! lol I really do love it! I did a review on a similar color to this, Stellare Notte, but this one is more monochrome, the two colors going on are more visible, green and purple. This one is 'Trippin' by Naturistics. I got it when CVS was still named Eckers lol. Such lovely colors going on, reminds me of car oil left in parking spaces.

This color is so easy to apply on. It has a small brush, with a small amount of bristles which for me makes it easier to get color around the nail edges. With just one coat you can immediately see the monochrome effect taking place. I can't get enough of this color, I just looove it!

I took photos from different angles to show the different shades of color.



  1. very weird but cool color! :)
    I really like those kind of nailpolishes ~
    btw, do you wanna follow me back? ^^

  2. Amazinggg colourr!! Oh my god i lovee it!!

  3. Cute metallic color!

    Love Nana

  4. It's such a beautiful color,
    I don't think the photos do justice.

  5. I love this nail polish! Your blog is so cute! I hope you have a chance to check out my blog


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