Monday, October 25, 2010

One Year & Two Months Old!!

Today Miss Jaslyn turned 1 year and 2 months old!! Yayy! She is such a big lady, with a smile on her face all the time, and so friendly with everyone. She knows how to win the hearts of others. It makes me so happy she has been eating about anything, she still makes some horrible faces with some new foods, but mostly she'll eat anything that's not animal flesh. Until recently she has liked chicken. But meat she still doesn't like, hum. I'm okay with this, at least she loves beans, which has good source of protein. I make for her the 15 mix beans, this way she'll get plenty of protein.

In other news, she's teething :(( This is a horrible process! She's had a runny nose, and she had fever in the afternoon last Friday. I'm giving her everything to make her feel better! I give her vitamin in her morning milk bottle, I'm using saline drops for the runny nose, I'm giving her Tylenol, and leave on the vaporizer the whole night so that she sleeps well. I just hope she gets all her teeth soon! Love you Miss Gugu.



  1. awww...she is so adorable.
    i hope she gets better rosalyn. much ♥

  2. Your daughter has such a gorgeous smile <3

  3. Too cute!:D

    Happy Tuesday!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  4. aww this cutie is such an angel!! :) i hope she gets better asap.teething will hurt :(

  5. Thanks for the sweet comments =)


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