Monday, October 11, 2010

Rudeness at Work

What happens to people when they come shopping? They seem to leave their good manners at home...... or maybe never had them. These are some of the things I get to experience all the time at work and I wish I could always get the nice, courteous customers.

First thing I have to hate...
Hand me the money on my hand. I'm not a dog, or less than you, that's what I think people are trying to make me feel when they just drop the money on the counter, and tell me "There it is". Then they expect me to give them back their change on their hand, wrong. I just place it on the same spot where they left the money to pay me. This is just soooo rude!

Don't scream, it's just a phone. Another thing that I think is so rude in my personal opinion, talk on the phone when paying. Very few people can multi-task, but most can't. People get in front of me and forget what they were going to do. They forget to hand me over their stuff for me to scan, or they forget to pay. On top of everything, they can't talk on their normal voice. It's just a phone! If you kan't hear the other person talking, there's a little button for the volume, and there's an option for speaker. One of the two should work, and because you kan't hear the other person on the other end of the line it doesn't mean they can't hear you. Plain too rude to talk on the phone when someone is providing you good customer service.

Don't look at my screen. When I'm ringing up stuff they appear on my screen on a list. People want to know what their total balance is, and they bend over the counter literally too close to my face I feel they're about to kiss me. It's like 'Hello! You have a closer screen you kan look at, which is right in front of you.' Every register has a credit/debit card machine, how can they miss seeing this? It's like right there! and they bend over sooo close to me.

Wash your teeth before coming. Pleeeaaaaseee, at least take your time to brush your teeth before shopping, it's not that hard. Use mouthwash or something, it would be nice if you don't even open your mouth to speak. This goes for people who have a hygiene problem and have REAL bad breath.

Of course there's always the customers who are funny, friendly, nice, etc. who I wish I had all the time. I'll never forget this lady who took time to go downstairs to get me tea because I had told her I was sleepy. She asked what I usually had to wake me up, I told her I always drank tea before coming to work to be awake, but this time I got out of my apt in a rush, I hadn't had time for my tea. She told me don't worry, I'll get it for you. Five minutes later she came back with a cup of tea! Awwwww! This was sooo sweet of her! You don't always get customers like this. And the ones who tell you, "God bless you with a good husband" lol.


  1. A lot of people are rude, sorry about your rude customers.. and bless those that are nice.

    Have a great week!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. yes, working with the public can be pretty aggravating sometimes, especially when you get rude customers like that. my absolute number ONE pet peeve is talking on the phone while checking out. one of my coworkers refuses to ring someone up who is on the phone.. i wish i had the guts to do that!

  3. LOL I actually found this funny because its so true.. thats why i like the fact that although i work with the public we have a window in front so its not direct contact.

  4. Thank you readers for your nice comments :)

    Marie: Yeah, God bless them ♥

    Kaitlyn: There has been times when I feel like doing just that....

    Ano: That's great! I want to have a job like that.

  5. I have same kind of stuff when I serve people on the train... They are sometimes impolite and rude but fortunately, there are other people that are sooo kind and help to forget the others :)!
    A big hello from Korea!
    The belgian guy^^!!

  6. LOL, my friend!!!
    Thanks for reading my blog :)
    Hope you come more often!

    I was thinking, I know someone who works at the train... lol


  7. The university's computers don't like your blog and don't want to open it, I have to see it with mine :)!
    Congratulation for the blog, well-done ;)!
    Say hello to Lyn also^^!

  8. They're too rude to view my blog!
    Thank you, I will, she's sleeping now.



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