Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Eye Exercise: Week 3

This is my third week continuing my eye exercises, and sure I have seen a difference! It's not gradual, but it's a big difference from how I used to see before. I know I said I was going to be exercising morning and night, but I haven't had time at night. I never skip exercising in the morning, I wake up 30 min. before my daughter wakes up. This week includes exercises from focusing on letters up close and then focusing on letters from a distance. I'm also wearing the pinhole glasses for 25 min. every morning. Also, I give my eyes rest by relaxing them to the light of the sun or using an eye mask.

My prescription glasses are still L-4.00 and R-3.00 I kan't see totally clear with them yet, but when I'm in class I can read the board now. :)

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