Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Desktop Ideas

I enjoy having a cluster free desktop. I like to have it organized with what I need at the reach of my mouse. This is what it looks like...

ObjectDock Plus. See the colorful tabs located on the top? This is how my ObjectDock Plus looks like. It's a great gadget to create shortcuts to find certain folders or softwares much faster. I like to categorize them. 'General' for folders I open up more frequently. 'Media' for my music icons like iTunes and my Media Player Classic to watch movies. 'Internet' for my Firefox or messengers Yahoo, MSN, Google Talk. 'Office' for all my Microsoft Office icons. And 'Applications' for having my Calculator, Paint, etc.

Background size. My full background size is huge, but instead when I get wallpapers I get them in 1280x1024 so that it will automatically center it leaving both sides empty to display my icons. Since my background is set to black it shows up with black sides. On the left black space is where I keep my recycle bin and shortcuts, and my right black side I have my Windows Sidebar. I like seeing the clock instead of looking down at the corner of my task bar to see the time, and I really don't know why. I have The Secret widget to remind me awesome inspirational tips from the book and movie. Below that I have my note pad that I use it as my 'To do' list, a slideshow of my daughter's photos, my local weather, CPU meter, and last one I like to place my iTunes mini player.

Folders in the taskbar. I have two shortcuts to my folders 'Games' and 'Design'. Although I don't have time to play any video games now it's something I've had since before I had my daughter. Some of my favorite games that I have are Tomb Raider, Grand Theft Auto, and Prince of Persia. On my design folder I have Photoshop of course, Illustrator, Windows Movie Maker, and Animation Shop. You can customize it to your needs.

Do you have any other ways to organize your desktop? Let me know and thanks for reading :))



  1. i love the desktop it looks really cool. my problem is the internal hard drive i have so much stuff that i'ma have to erase lol!

  2. dude! your desktop is so pretty!
    i like the background! I'm as meticulous as you when it comes to my desktop. I don't like to have too much icons because it's such an eyesore! Hey your right side bar looks pretty cool! What the "S" thingy for?


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