Friday, November 5, 2010

Finally My TRIA Arrived!!

Today my TRIA arrived! it's a laser hair removal system you can use at home. I ordered this Sunday before midnight and it was expected to arrive tomorrow Saturday, but I got it today afternoon! How exciting!!

  When I opened the box this is what i saw!! :)

I got a free skin reviving body treatment for buying my TRIA hair laser removal!

 Taking the package out of the box...

Body areas they recommend it should be used on.

Not recommended for dark skin tones. Inside the instruction manual it reads "Dark skin may absorb too much laser light, which can injure (burn, discolor, or scar) your skin."

 Opening my package!!

This is the amount I paid. They don't charge tax and S&H!! 
Plus I got my free skin reviving body treatment.

I decided to buy this after reading some great reviews. I thought it would be worth it compared to how much you pay at laser hair removal centers. I suffer from having dark, thick hair almost on my whole body. I'll be taking before and after photos. I'll be using this on my legs, bikini area, stomach, arms, and armpits. I remember I first saw this last year when channel 'E' still aired 'That Morning Show'. Back then it was $800. I've read some people paid $1,000 when it was first introduced. Now they have lowered the price to $495, almost $500. They promise lasting results, same results you can achieve with professional treatments. I'll be saving around $14,500 for everything I want to get done! Wow! This is a steal!! I just had to get it, and now I have it! I can't wait to start using this and share my experience :)

For more info you can view Tria on Amazon: 



  1. This looks great!! I wonder if the laser hurts... I got an epilator a while back because people raved about it but it hurt so much... If this doesn't hurt, I'd consider buying it since it's SUCH a pain in my booty to shave every day... ugh the things girls gotta go through haha


  2. They say it hurts for some people and for others it doesn't hurt at all. It feels like a snapping sensation. Yeah, I also have an epilator and it hurts like hell!! XD Poor us :(


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