Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hair Tips

I've been told by many I have nice hair, and I want to share my hair tips with everyone....

Wash hair every two days. Unless I've been sweaty then I wash my hair on consecutive days, but otherwise washing hair too often will dry your scalp, makes your head itchy and takes away the natural oil to give your hair shine

Microfiber towel. Using regular towel damages hair, which gives you split ends. Unlike the microfiber towel, it won't damage hair. It has such a soft texture and dries hair way much faster! I like to wrap mine around my head for a few minutes and when I take it off my hair is almost dry. Also I don't like to rub my hair, doing this is harsh on the hair.

Brush as less as possible. The only time I brush my hair is right before taking a shower or before using a hair dryer. If I brush it any other time then my natural waves will go away and I will end up looking like a lion with puffy hair all over. 

Drying products. Coloring hair and using hair dryers often will dry your hair. I do color my hair to black, but I do it every six months. In the photos I have my natural hair color, very dark brown. I barely use any hair dryers. I probably use it once every two months, not sure, but I know I use it as less as I can. When I do I make sure to use heat protectant. I love using TRESemmé Heat Tamer Spray.

Vitamins. I like taking Centrum vitamins. I notice my hair grows faster and gets shinier when I take my vitamins.

Water. We all know water is essential for our bodies. Water keeps us moisturized and helps hair be soft and silky.

In the photo below you can see my natural waves/curls, I don't do anything. I take a shower at night and then the next day this is how I find my hair, I don't apply anything. Sometimes I'll just add a leave on conditioner but I feel my hair gets greasy. So these are my tips, if you have any I would like to hear them, I hope mine were helpful.

Back view of my hair



  1. OOHHHHH Your hair is pretty!!! ^__^ I don't know about not washing it every other day though. I get so uncomfortable if I do that.

    I love your curls! How'd you do that?! :}

  2. Pretty hair♥ Okay I know that you're not supposed to wash it everyday, and I've been thinking of trying to wash it every other day but I use mousse in my hair everyday, so wouldn't I want to wash that out? And wouldn't it get greasy??


  3. Rosalyn, definitely all those things are great tips. Now as far as leave in conditioners are concerned, they are great for your hair. Especially curly hair, because the better hydrated your hair is, the less frizz you will have. The trick is to follow the old saying "a little goes a long way." If you find its too greasy is because you are putting too much product. Like you said, we naturally produce oil on our hair so its very important that A: you use as little product as possible and B:that you dont make the fatal mistake of applying the product from root to tip. Believe it or not, you should start from the bottom to the top when applying hair products, this will also help you get a more even distribution. Now we are not perfect, so if you find you put too much, dont panic and wash out your hair, because yes shampoos will remove the natural oil that your body makes(which is what keeps the ph balance(the level of acidity or alkalinity in your hair,scalp,or anything else for that matter)on your hair how it should be, and provides the luster and strength)The happy alternative, that will not only fix this but save you some product(they can get expensive) is to spritz some water on your hair and use a wide comb to brush it out, or even a towel if you dont have that type of brush. This will get rid of some of it and you can control how much you leave and not have to spend more product.
    Abby: I totally understand your concern. I use to be like that and my hair is curly so imagine. I felt like if i didnt wash it everyday then i would be a big frizzball, not too mention i am OC about smells, and the last thing i wanted was for my hair to stink. gross! until i found the perfect solution, its called dry shampoo.Like Rachel Zoe would say:BA-NA-NAS!!!" LOL. They have several types but few companies that do it.It is perfect if you dont want to wash your hair or you need to refresh your do. But again, dont over do it.
    Candy: just wash it out with water. The reason they tell you its bad to wash your hair everyday is because when we wash our hair, we normally use shampoo to do it.This is what strips your naturally oils off. And on a side note, you shouold try using leave in conditioners instead of the mousse, your hair will thank you for it and you'll notice the change pronto.
    Anyways ladies, I just wanted to share this with you all since i know how tough it can be too have good hair,especially on a budget. hope it helped xoxo

  4. That was really helpful!! Thanks so much :D


  5. @ Oliletz That was so helpful, thank you for reading my blog and leaving extra helpful tips :)

  6. really beautiful hair :) this article is very great^^
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  7. great tips!! thanks for sharing :)


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