Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

 Thanksgiving, a wonderful day to appreciate all the good things we have. I'll probably go out later today to watch Harry Potter, if not I'll have a nice dinner with the family. I am thankful for...
My family. I'm thankful for my family, they have supported me all along and are always there when I need someone to take care of Lyn :) Especially my mom, she's always in a good mood.
My daughter. I looooove my daughter to death. She's such a pretty, lovely girl who I enjoy seeing every day.

My pets. I have two cats and a puppy. Zulyo, Rexy, and Kandy. They bring joy to our lives, [well, most of the time lol]

My blog. I'm so excited about having a blog. I didn't imagine myself having a blog, but now I'm addicted hehe. I got more excited when today I checked my e-mail and finally Google gave me adsense. I had been waiting for about two months to get my account approved.

Readers. Although I don't have much followers yet, I thank each and every one of them for following. A special thanks to candy apples, my most loyal follower :)
 I wish every one a wonderful, blessed day with your loved ones.


  1. wahhh? i didn't know that you have a daughter! oh my gosh... so what is it like to love such a thing? like me... i don't think i ever want a kid.. because im not sure if ill love it like the way that i love myself or my husband... does the feeling just come to you? ahhh... im horrible. hahhaa... or maybe im just not ready. i'm happy that you're a loving mother :]

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. @abby lol, how can you not know? I have pix of her all over hehe. I remember feeling the same before, but once you hold your baby for the first time everything changes :)

    @Marie Thank you!! :)


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