Monday, November 8, 2010

My first lucid dream!!!!!

After months and months of trying I just had my first lucid dream!! I just woke up from my nap. I had to call my mom and let her know how it feels weird, and exciting at the same time.This is how it started....

I was in my daughter's room, I was on her playmat taking a nap. I woke up and I saw her crib, but I didn't find the door. I turned and there was the crib again, I turned like 4 times and every time it was there. I thought I was dizzy or going crazy. I managed to get out and got to the living room, there I was standing when it hit me, OMGosh!! I'm lucid dreaming!!! I jumped to fly and there I was flying, I knew I was dreaming and I got soooooo excited I saw a blur like if I was going to wake up, I almost screamed to myself no, no, noooo, don't wake up!!!!!! This is my first time and I want to see what happens next. So I calmed myself down from the excitement and continued. Next I remember my bedroom door lead to a construction site haha. I went back inside looking for my daughter, I heard her playing and saw this little blond kid playing with her. His mom started calling for him, so he ran outside and I followed. I saw them going into my apartment number, I told them that's where I lived and they said no, that's where they had been living for years. I looked at my bedroom apt once again I knew it wasn't right, then I reminded myself, this is normal to happen in dreams. Everything seems confusing but so real at the same time. Then I did another check to make sure I was really dreaming, I looked at a digital clock, and yes the numbers kept moving. In a dream time will never be stable, numbers keep changing constantly. I still couldn't believe I was lucid dreaming, then I took off my glasses and I could see perfect with my own eyes. I still did another check, I touched the handrail and my finger passed right through! I focused and yes every little detail seemed sooo real just like in reality! Amazing!! I remember trying to wake up to reality because I was afraid I would spend hours dreaming, but no, it was only like for half hour and inside my dream it did feel like hours. It was almost night time and I decided to walk around, I saw people I didn't know. Then in the end I told myself I was ready to wake up again.

I never drool but this time I woke up drooling and everything, even with pain of the right side of my neck :P

For some reason I noticed I had been sleeping on my left side and nothing happened. Then I turned to my right side to keep taking my nap and this is when I started lucid dreaming. Researchers believe certain sleeping positions induce lucid dream. Just figure out what works best for you.

Helpful tips on how to first lucid dream:
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To learn more about lucid dream this site contains many interesting articles:
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  1. It was your first time?! Wow, I have them all the time so I thought everyone has them as often as I do!! It's so cool how you got to fly though, because I always tell myself that it's a dream so I can do anything, but I just can't fly. I can't scream either... weird :P


  2. Wov, very interesting and exciting, thanks for sharing. xx

  3. huh? o that's very interesting ~

  4. I hardly ever remember my dreams and when I do, I'm too worried about knowing its meaning, so I prefer not to remember them xD


  5. @Candy Apples really? you have them most of the time? You lucky!! I wish I could!

  6. Omg, I have these kind of dreams very often.
    Just like candy apples.
    It's new to me too that not everyone has those :O
    I always find them annoying, but I have no idea why I have lucid dreams so often XD

  7. @Sachie It was new to me to know lucid dreaming even existed! I want to have them more often.


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