Friday, November 12, 2010

Tag! My Perfect Imperfections

I'll be mentioning three things I don't like about myself, and three things I like about myself...

What I don't like about myself...

1. Hairy. First thing I have to hate is my hairy body. I feel like the hairiest girl in the world, haha. I don't get the thin, light color hair most women would get, no, I get thick, black, long hairs. This includes my legs, bikini area, butt, stomach, arms. I haven't been able to go to the beach in years because I don't feel comfortable wearing a bikini. I know I can shave, but it's a hassle if you have to do basically your whole body, and on top of that, I have stretchmarks. But thank God a few days ago I started getting laser, so goodbye unwanted hair!!

2. Nose. I wish I had my sisters nose, her's is like the perfect nose I would like to have. I have a little bump, it's not really noticeable, but it's there. I got this from my mom. Apart from the bump, it's a little wide, and when I smile I think it looks wider. When I get the money I'll surely get Rhinoplasty.

3. Biting. I tend to bite my lips and nails a lot. I hate this!! I'm always telling myself I won't do it anymore, and I still do it. Specially if I'm using my laptop or watching a movie I do this unconsciously. I've gotten to the point where I start bleeding but I still continue. I really need to stop this!! I don't want to end up with ruined, malformed lips or get some infection on my nails.

What I like about myself...

1. My eyes. I really love my eyes, they're big Jasmine like (from Aladdin). As a little girl I was called Jasmine for my eyes by this guy who worked with my dad. I like how they're big and lovely shaped.

2. Feet. This is something I've always liked about myself, my feet. I think they look nice, very feminine. I like to wear sandals to show them off. I have short toe nails.

3. Hair. This time I mean my head hair. I like how it's naturally wavy, I don't do anything to it and I might get the curls. My hair looks so healthy and shiny.

Got this idea from videos on YouTube and a blog I follow. If you have done this already post your link on the comment form, I would like to read other perfect imperfections :)



  1. NO GIRL!
    I'm hairy!
    When I was in fourth grade i had like MAN HAIR all over my arms and legs... It just happened to be really cold that day and I was wearing shorts... Little did I know, kids were coming up to me just to look at my hair sticking up because i had the goosebumps!!! what jerks! i was so embarassed cus of course there was no way i can get rid of it at the moment... so when i got home, i shave my hairy body!!!

    you should too if you feel that uncomfy with yourself :] It's a great great thing to do hahaha...

  2. @abby Your comment made me feel better, lol!! j/k
    But yes, I've always been so hairy.


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