Friday, December 10, 2010

Photo Tag! Day 30 - When I Was Happy

I got tagged from a blog I follow and thought it was interesting. It consists of posting different photos for 30 days. So here I start...

(I'm trying to keep all my photos small so that it doesn't take long for my blog to load, you can always click on any of them to view large size.)

day 1. your facebook profile photo

day 2. a photo of yourself a year ago

 To be exact this was taken on Nov. 26 '09, my daughter was only three months and I still felt kind of out of place. So this photo was taken expressing how I felt.
day 3. a photo that makes you happy

 This was a hard choice because there so many things that make me happy. I went for this photo I took on my way to Canada. Makes me like technology even more seeing where it has taken us. I can be on an plane and stare out into the sky for hours that I won't get bored. 
day 4. a photo of the last place you went on holiday

 Last Holiday season my daughter was only four months. It was so cold we decided to stay home.

day 5. a photo of your favorite book

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

day 6. a photo that makes you laugh

 Seeing this makes me laugh!! Seeing my daughters face, then my sister looks so calm, and then my mom with Kandy on her lap starring at Lyn like what's wrong? lol!!
day 7. a photo of someone you love

 My daughter, she's my everything!! I love her so much! 
day 8. a photo of your favorite band/musician

My fave singer will always be Selena. She was so talented, she could sing, dance, had the nicest body, full lips, an amazing personality, she designed her clothes, she sang in Spanish and English.  She could almost do everything. To me she had the perfect family, she was going to open three new boutiques in Mexico, lance her new perfume, had plans of writing a book, appearing in a movie, getting a new house, and so much more. Her life was tragically ended when she was only 23, in 1995. RIP. Dreaming of You ♫♪ is one of her most popular songs. 
day 9. a photo of something you've been wanting to do

This is what I want to do so bad, go to the gym. Before pregnancy I would go five or six times a week, and attend Zumba class. Oh how I miss those days. I like working out and being active. Hopefully soon I'll start going again :)

day 10. a photo of you as a baby or as a kid

 Oh how I miss child days...
day 11. a photo of your favorite film(s)

 day 12. a photo of you

day 13. a photo of your best friend(s)

 My daughter my bestF. She's with me most of the time and gives me unconditional love. 
day 14. a photo of your favorite drink

 Any combination of fruit smoothie. 

day 15. a photo of you and someone you love

 My lovely friends :)
day 16. a photo of you at the last party you went to

 It was Kayla's B-Day!! My daughters friend :)
day 17. a photo of your guilty pleasure

Image by John Loo
Chocolate!! Yum, yum!

day 18. a photo of your dream wedding

To me it's hard to show my dream wedding with just one photo because it's all in my head. So instead I will show my dream honeymoon location, Hawaii
day 19. a photo of your dream car

 Jeep - Liberty
day 20. a photo of something you enjoy doing

 Henry Hadlow Photoshopped Photography.png
I definitely love using Photoshop and it's something I enjoy doing!
This image was taken by Henry Hadlow
day 21. a photo of your everyday makeup

This is kind of an old photo, it was taken a few months back. But I still wear the same most of the time, the basics to enhance my features. Eyeliner, mascara, blush and some chapstick. 
day 22. a photo of your fave city

Miami, FL. From the cities I've been I have to say Miami. This is where I was born and I grew up. 
day 23. a photo of your first celebrity crush

Shane McDermott 
He came out in the movie Airborne in 1993. I remember watching this movie and having a major crush on this kid!!
day 24. a photo of you that your hair looks nice in

 Messy up-do 
day 25. a photo of ur fave shows

Keeping up with the Kardashians, and The Doctors
day 26. a photo of someone you look up to

 My Mommy ♥ 
day 27. a photo of your favorite purse
 My Kathy Van Zeeland purse. 
day 28. a photo of what you ate today

 I had this for breakfast, I had it with oatmeal, yum yum!!!
day 29. a photo of someone you find attractive

 My celebrity crush Eduardo Verastegui!!!
Isn't he gorgeous?!!!!! He is! ♥
day 30. a photo of you when you were happy

 This is when my family was celebrating my 21st birthday!! That's me and the sister. When I felt life was still easy :P

 I tag ALL my followers! I got tagged from Beauty Ambition.



  1. What a cute profile picture, that shade of pinkish purple looks great on you.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. This seems like a very fun tag =]

  3. This 30 day challenge seems fun and interesting!
    Btw, the WM STYLE Voting is officially open so, remember to let others know and vote for you! :)


  4. I love the idea!! Makes me think I need to take more pictures!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) I'm following you now!

    Wow this is the best tag ever .. love the photos


  6. Hi! I'm a new follower and I must say I'm liking your blog.

    I've seen this tag before and it's always equally enjoyable to see what bloggers share. It must be the best tag to date. Your daughter is very pretty! I think she has your eyes :)

    / Angelina -

  7. Love the messy up do hairstyle! very pretty! :)



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