Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Red & Gold

Another Christmas nail look I did. My Christmas Glitter look was wearing off so just had to come up with something new....

Ummm yeah, I did my attempt doing the water marble effect, trying to come up with candy cane effect and wasn't succesful at all. I don't know why I can never do water marble, I've tried on myself several times, on my sister, and I just end up with a mess. So I had to end up cleaning my fingers and nails to come up with something new......

It's a red (Rapid Red - Sally Hansen) topped with two coats of glitter (Pearl Harbor - Sinful Colors) and did a frenchie in gold (Debutante - Confetti).

And I hate the fact all the work done into doing nails gets ruined after a couple of minutes. It's hard for me to let my nails completely dry, I'm always doing something. So before anything happened I took these shots.



  1. Ouch the first pic! Must be hard to remove!
    But i'm loving the second look! Great combo :)

  2. @luckiebeauty Yeah, it took some time to remove lol

    Thank you girls :)


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