Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Confetti - Dreamdate

Just feeling girly and sparkly, without feeling to apply a solid color, I wore 'Dreamdate' by Confetti. Confetti it's a cheap line of nail polishes you can get for only $2 a bottle at CVS! It's a new polish brand they started this year. They have quite a wide selection. I enjoy having on my nails silver or gold, which I did a review here. I was glad with my purchase since it's a good price for decent quality.

 It's a transparent shimmery peach color.
Good for those days when you need a quickie color without worrying about cleaning the edges of your nails.

I have more Confetti colors which I'll be doing a review on :)



  1. I like this color though I think it's more like an overcoat, huh?

  2. hola!! gracias por pasarte por mi blog. Un abrazo grande =)

  3. @Zaj I meant a solid color, lol I hate my typos!!

  4. i love this color! i never really paint my nail because i always pick at them! but this is perfect for ppl like me because it's so irredescent!

  5. i love the color!!! so gorgeous!

  6. Never really paid attention to this line but I think my sister has a few colors.:D

    Thanks for posting, that shade looks so girly and clean.:D

    ***** Marie *****


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