Thursday, December 9, 2010

Forgotten and Non Existing

For some reason certain people come to your life to later leave. These people who I certainly did care about once paid me back in a way I never imagined. Friends and almost family I must say. People who are not capable to confront situations in the right moment, or be more straight forward as I like to be. I'm not going to say any names, as they know who they are. They certainly have a body of an adult, but a mind of a child. God is the only one to judge, and knows who deserves a big lesson in their life. Sooner or later we will know who was wrong and who was right. In the end the truth will be known, but it will be too late. Choices were given and many opportunities that were not taken advantage at the time. Once it's over, it's over. Forgotten and non existing. Maybe, someday destiny will meet us again. Since long ago it was time to take different turns. As for me, my feelings and mind has been decided. Couldn't feel any better. The way life has hit me, I've grown to be mature enough to accept responsibility and not turn back. I stopped being blind, and opened my heart for more smiles. I do believe in twin souls, I already met this someone in dreams. Everything will happen at the right place and at the right time. Sometimes it all comes at once, but somehow I manage through it all without being no sin. Many factors came unexpectedly, one grandiose, that forever changed my life. In so many different ways I never expected and could never end explaining. No one can decide for me, I have a mind of my own and only I know my real choice, which has been made. In pure honesty and without no confusion. 'Clean' as can be. Let's take different roads, a new chapter needs to begin. Thank you God for giving me strength and the many loved ones who were present when I needed them the most. Now I can breath with tranquility. Enough has been said and I hope their pride mind is able to process this.



  1. aww it's great that you are able to take the bad and turn it into something positive! keep your head up


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