Thursday, December 16, 2010

GelaSkin for my Laptop!

I decided my laptop was in need of a makeover, and what better than to buy a GelaSkin to give it a new look!!

 I received my package in a large envelope which read....

Taking the skin out of the huge envelope.... I got mine in size17" for Laptop.
There was also a business card included, and instructions inside. 

So before applying my new skin I had to clean my laptop. I have been using this product called Monster ScreenClean which is awesome!! I also use it to clean my glasses, cell phone, tv, etc. and it works wonderfully!!

Monster ScreenClean! The best! lol

Peeling off the skin.... o.o

Ta-daaa! My laptop with a new makeover!! 
It was sooo easy to apply, just make sure to start from the center!

How does it look??

Close-up view...
protection with style!
So what are GelaSkins?
"GelaSkins are thin, laminated vinyl decals designed as scratch protection from everyday wear and tear. The 3M adhesive is repositionable, and won't leave any residue when you choose to remove it."

The skin I got is called 'Bloom' and was designed by Lawrence Yang. He's done other wonderful designs, and it was kind of hard to decide which one to get. 'Growth' is the second one I would have picked. So what's the price for these skins? They're $29.95 plus S&H. I got mine when they were having a 20% discount, and I ended up paying around $26 in total. And if you buy 3 you get 1 free. But it's not only for laptops, they have skins of all sort, for phones, iPads, iPods, gaming skins, custom skins, basically for any device you want to give a new look.

Want to check them out? Go to their site! I hope you enjoyed this! :)



  1. This is really awesome. I just got a new laptop and I want a hellokitt gelskin :)

  2. Pretty!! I think I'll have to wait until I get a new laptop after graduating, since mine's worn out... really, it looks quite terrible lol


  3. This is SO cool! I love the image that you choose!


  4. ♥ the skin.
    I use that spray also. the Monster Screen Cleaner. It is great. I recommend it as well.

  5. Love how it turned out.

    I'm following you and it would be great if you could follow me back. My blog is:

  6. i've gone back and forth on whether or not to purchase this! i just might have to soon because my laptop is a little beat up and one of these would really help cover the scratches.

  7. It really does help, it's a good investment :P


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