Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Fave YouTuber

I feel like I had to make a blog entry about my fave YouTuber, Shane Dawson!! He's so talented and handsome!! My sister doesn't agree, she thinks he's not good-looking, but I do!! He films his own videos, he acts in them, directs them, writes the storyboard, and best of all, he has such a great sense of humor!! :D He's so talented! I recommend watching his videos if you want to have a laugh. You'll usually find his videos in the top funny category and as the most subscribed YouTuber. Also, he designs T-shirts that are sold at Hot Topic.
Shane Dawson Breaking Through Girls T-Shirt - 900483
It would be nice to meet him someday :)
So here it goes, one of my fave videos from Shane Dawson!! ♥ Enjoy it!



  1. This is actually my first time watching him!!
    I wouldn't say he's handsome... but he's definitely cute :)


  2. He is so funny! I listened to a couple of his video last month. I was laughing so hard hahaha!

  3. @Candy Apples Handsome, AND kute lol

    @luckiebeauty Yup, he always makes me laugh too :P


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