Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Oil Good for Skin

So the cold weather is here (in Miami), and now is the time when our skin needs more help from us. Before it feels dry, we need to treat it right with a good moisturizer. I love using oil on my skin, I feel like just a plain moisturizer doesn't do the work. At least on me. These are my current oil fave products...

Dove Cream Oil
For the body, I love using Dove Cream Oil. It says to be a nourishing body lotion, with sheer moisture for soft nourished skin. For people with normal to dry skin. I looove applying this right after I take a shower, especially on my arms and legs!! It leaves the skin sooo soft and smooth. I don't feel this with other creams I've tried, this really does the work! When you apply it you feel a silky feeling. It's quickly absorbed and non-greasy. The skin really feels soft, I feel my skin soft till the next day. I love how it has a pump so it's much easier to get the product out. Dove also has the bodywash, it's called Dove Supreme Cream Oil Body wash. The bodywash I haven't tried, but would love to in the near future.  

Next on my list is Bio-Oil!! If you follow my blog you know I have ranted about this product before, I love it! This one I use on my face and stretchmarks. Because I have scars on my face left from breakouts, I use this product. It's not so oily as you would think, it's less oily and when applied it leaves the skin really moisturized. This product says to help with scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, aging skin, and dehydrated skin.

Vitamin-E Softgels
After reading vitamin-e is beneficial in stopping the UV sunlight from the skin and reducing stretch marks , I decided to get the vitamin-e soft gels. I bought mine from a drugstore, I popped one to add to a Cocoa Butter Skin Lotion I already had. Cocoa butter it's said to also be great to reduce stretchmarks, improves skin's tone and texture. You can apply it after exposure to the sun to prevent peeling. That's why I decided to combine these two. So if I'm not in the mood for my Bio-Oil I'll use this on my body or just to moisturize my skin.

I hope this was helpful now that we're in the cold season! Keep your skin feeling good at all times :)



  1. i have acne scars and stretch marks from my pregnancy ive heard alot about bio-oil! i did try this $100 cream which did nothing for my stretch marks, i might have to give bio oil a try!

  2. Yeah, you should try it! Wow $100 for a cream! Money stealers!!

  3. i got acne scar too. hmmmmmm i need to try this!!

  4. this is something i should try bcus ive been getting severly bad dry skin , it get soo itchy my back, my chest, i think its bcus my dove soap isnt nourishin enough.. hmm i might go get the oil from dove

  5. i had a scar on my forehead from a small accident in the kitchen and i started using bio oil
    i havent used it for much else since it cleared
    i should start using it for this cold weather!

  6. @Barbie Gone Bad Yeah, you should deff try this!! It really feels good the instant you apply it :)

    Thank you to everyone else for reading and commenting! ;)

  7. Have these products helped reduce the appearance of your stretch marks? I got stretch marks on my belly during my 1st pregnancy back in 06' and haven't been able to make them look better and I've tried all the expensive creams you can think of, also cocoa butter which never helped anyway. I'm on my 2nd pregnancy and haven't gotten any new stretch marks (knock on wood)

    Anyways, I like your blog. I'm following it :)
    I have a blog also if you'd like to check it out!


  8. I've been able to reduce the appearance of the marks but not completely. I make sure to exfoliate very well before applying any of these products.


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