Friday, December 3, 2010

TRIA Update - Treatment 2

I want to share my TRIA experience in the past two sessions I've done. In case you don't know what TRIA is, it's a hair laser removal you do at home. You're suppose to use it every two weeks for the first three months and after that it's once a month for the remaining sessions. So in total it should be from 8 to 12 sessions depending on the amount of hair you have and thickness of hair.  In case you want to see photos of how it looks like I did a post when I received it here.

This is how my arm is looking before doing second session.

My leg, before doing second session.
I have the thickest, blackest hairs, the photo doesn't do justice. 

What have I liked so far about TRIA?
The different levels you can use. Use the level you feel more comfortable with, the higher the level the faster results but it's going to hurt more. Some people experience no pain at all or just a snapping feeling. The first time I used it I chose the highest setting and it did hurt!! My skin was left red for about 20 min. After that I started using it at a lower level and it may hurt it certain areas. I feel it hurts more where I have the thickest hair. For example on my bikini area I use the lowest setting and because that's where the hair is the more thick, it does hurt a bit. It's not a pain you can't handle, but you do feel like a rubber band snapping your skin. So far I can see areas where hair is not growing at all. They claim after two to three months is when you should start seeing results, just to be patient the wait is worth it.

What haven't I liked about TRIA?
If you use it on the highest setting for laser, which is the best so start seeing results faster, it gets slow to use and the less time you can use it. You'll have to recharge it sooner and I don't like the fact you can't use while it's charging. For example I get to do both of my upper arms using the highest setting and one of my upper legs using medium setting. I don't get to finish both legs before I have to start recharging it again.

For more info you can view Tria on Amazon: 

So this is my experience so far. I can't wait to finish the remaining sessions and live with a body where hair is not welcomed.



  1. Just came across your blog and i LOVE it. I love your whole theme !! Im a new follower. Hope you can follow me back :)

  2. thats interesting at first i thought that it sounded dangerous lol
    great post

  3. great review. i've been really interested in tria for a while. please do follow up reviews

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  4. Thank you for entering my giveaway! You have such a cute blog. (:


  5. @Sera Thank you for following!

    @Twinn lol

    @Fruity Lashes I will, stay tuned :D

    @Your welcome :)

  6. Oh wow! I hope this ends up working for you! My aunt is a Dermatologist and I know that the hair begins to thin out after the nth session. It takes time depending on the thickness.

    Good luck!

  7. Speaking of this, I saw the other day on E! That Kim Kardashian is also using this product.

  8. Really?? She had already gone through laser hair removal before, in fact she mentioned how she had such a smooth skin after she'd done it.

  9. lol! yeah she said that i guess because they were half armenian they can be pretty hairy according to her, lol! but yeah now she's doing this at home treatment because it saves money


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