Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Best Blogs

Want to head on to the best blogs, keep on reading, I have made a list of the best blogs I've came through!!
World of Lucid Dreaming
  This is a blog made by Rebecca Turner. She has the best of everything to know about lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming she writes, "Lucid dreaming is the ability to have vivid self-awareness while dreaming." She has techniques for beginners, products she recommends to help lucid dream, her experiences, etc. I like her style of writing, it's simple and feels like she's talking to you in person. She is owner of five sites in total, World of Lucid Dreaming, Improve Vision Naturally, Sheltie Planet, Career Evolution, and Improve Memory Skills.
Kevin and Amanda

A blog with yummy recipes, photography tutorials, DIY projects, free fonts, etc. I like how her blog is filled with great quality photos!! So enjoyable to read and she always komes up with interesting ideas.

The Pioneer Woman
Another fave blog!! Her site is filled with tons of Photoshop tips and tutorials. She is into cooking, gardening, fashion, etc. You can clearly see in her writing she has a great sense of humor!!

Steve Pavlina

One of my recent discoveries through one of my facebook friends, and really the best blog I've read!! His blog is not filled with exciting photos, or designed with exciting colors, but rather filled with articles for a better life and positive thinking. He's an awesome writer of articles such as, Why Vegan?, How to Get Up Right Away When Your Alarm Goes Off, 10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job, Asking the Right Questions, and I could keep on going listing more of his enjoyable work but these are a few of many of articles I've read. I always begin reading one of his articles then I find another one interesting, then another, I wish I could read his whole site in one day. He is so honest and speaks his mind out. Really, best blog out there!!

So this was my list of best bloggers!! I wanted to share enjoyable readings, maybe you guys already knew about them but just in case.


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  1. I just checked out Pioneer Woman. Can't believe I've never seen her blog before! Def following it :) Jealous of her photography work.

    Check out my blog :)


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