Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Recap

What a great Christmas it was!! Second Christmas for Miss Lyn, I remember last year she was only 4 months, she really couldn't tell what was going on, she fell asleep hehe. This year she would always be walking around the Christmas presents, lucky me she never tried opening them, I guess she thought they were just boxes. In the morning of the 25th, I opened one of hers. Then she got it, she wanted to keep opening all of them. As she took the wrapping off, she handed me the paper. Aww! She's not a messy gift opener, lol.She enjoyed seeing all her new toys, shoes, clothes. And I enjoyed seeing her reaction!! Best sight any mother kan have.

Later on, to celebrate we went to Santa's Enchanted Forest!! It's a theme park with so many trees decorated with Christmas lights!! Amazing! I wonder how much time it takes them?!! It's thousands of lights you see everywhere. They sell about any food you kan imagine, I always like to get the sugar donuts, which is about the only time of the year I eat this, and Argentinian 'carne al pincho' (meat on stick). We got on four rides in total, but it was enough for me to start feeling sick, and throw-up in my mom's car on the way back. Something it had never happened to me before. I hadn't gone to any theme park since pregnancy, and it's amazing to realize how many changes occur in the body after having a baby, emotionally, and psychologically. At least from what I've experienced.

So these photos were taken almost entering Santa's....

 Mom - Miss Lyn - Me

Then the long walk to get to the main big Christmas tree in the center, and after that the rides!! It's a really short clip, the park was so packed!!

This is how I spent my Christmas, I hope everyone else had tons of fun!! ♥



  1. Thanks so much for leaving me a comment ^^ I'm glad you enjoyed reading my French... Hehe, I should practise more often, I was so rusty :P

    You have the most cutest baby girl! Such a beautiful picture of her in front of the Christmas tree.
    I've never really been a fan of amusement parks. I like the atmosphere and the cotton candy and all that, but after every fast ride, I need to sit down for a bit :P

  2. Cute daughter =) I really like how that picture came out with the fuzzy xmas tree lights in the back.



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