Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sally Hansen - Salon Effects

Sally Hansen recently kame up with a new product, the Salon Effects, real nail polish strips. They run around $10 but I got mine at my local drugstore when they had a sale going on, buy 1 get one 50% off. I ended up spending $15 on the two I bought. Sally Hansen claims these strips lasts up to 10 days, requires no dry time, and it's easy to use. 

They have so many designs to choose from, I noticed most were bright one color. I decided to get 220 "Cut it Out' a black/white flowery design. And 360 'Laced Up' a lace pattern with floral design too.

 For this review/tutorial I'll be using 'Laced Up'.

 This is what the kit brings: instructions, cuticle stick, mini file with buffer, and two packets with 7 strips each.

 These are my clean nails before beginning. I followed all the instructions inside. Cleaned my nails with polish remover and smoothing nails for the strips to last longer.

 Opening the first packet, komes with 7 polish strips, all different sizes. They have nail polish scent.

 This photo was taken after going through the instructions and applying my first strip!! So pretty!

What I did before was, folded them in half, and cut them. This way I'll get two uses per strip because my nails are short and the strips are long.

 I numbered them on the back so that next time I know which nail it belongs to. 

 Here I'm applying a strip on my ring finger. The excess you remove it with the cuticle stick and using the light pink side of the file.

 Working my way through, the more I did the easier it felt. 

Work done!! I think it looks amazing. Saving so much time from using the regular method, applying base coat, top coat, needing a design plate, etc. This is just one strip, and you're all set!! It's suppose to last 10 days so I'll keep you guys updated on that.



  1. wow!!! thats so neat I love the creative look!! salon normally charges over $40 for this!

  2. I want these so much we dont have them in the UK anywhere ive seen they look so cool and i am always smudging polish so this would be perfect for me :)


  3. Aw I love these. I'm gonna try them out next week. Hopefully they have them in pink :)

    BTW where in Miami do you live? I'm moving to Aventura from Philly in 2-3 months...so nervous.



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