Friday, January 28, 2011

Salon Effects After 10 Days

This is my follow up wearing Salon Effects...

So how was it wearing Sally Hansen - Salon Effects??
I must say good quality indeed!!! I kept getting so many compliments at my job for the beautiful nail design. They asked where I got it, If I did it myself, how beautiful it was, etc. I really enjoyed having these!! So kute!

This is how my nails actually looked on the 10th day! Not that bad. 
TIP To make it look better I would have filed my nails a bit and polished the tips of my nails with black nail polish. Kind of like a black french nail. It would have looked awesome. But I wanted to show how much they have chipped.

Beautiful nails, I'm going to miss this on my nails :(

 How was it to take it off?
You use nail polish remover. It's harder to take off than regular nail polish. I used a cotton ball and swiped many times to completely remove the design. 

Would you guys wear the Salon Effects??



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