Friday, January 21, 2011

Seeds Inserted in Paper?!!

Recently I got a letter from Google AdWords. I opened the envelope and when I saw the thick paper I thought all the tiny spots were just for decoration. When I got to the bottom of the letter it read, "PS: This card was printed on 100% recycled paper embedded with wildflower seeds. Plant it in a sunny spot with a thin layer of soil, add water, and watch it grow."

What a cool idea!! At least I had never seen something like this!! You go Google!!
 Here you can clearly see a seed on top of the word 'It's'.

 Another shot of the letter and envelope. Sorry for the dirty envelope but my daughter touched it after she ate potato chips. I don't like her eating junk food but my mom likes to spoil her haha. Basically this letter was just to announce I had gotten an offer to begin using their service AdWords. I just wanted to share the cool idea of inserting seeds in paper! I love nature! ♥



  1. Cool paper!! Btw, what exactly do you get to do now that you got offered AdWords? I know that AdSense is when you put ads on your website and you get a small amount of money per click...

    Are you going to actually plant the paper?! :D


  2. Yeah, I got a gift card from them so that I start using AdWords, I'll try it out to see how it works.

    I think I am to see if it works :P lol

    Thanks for reading :)

  3. Lol that is so cool! More companies should do this!

  4. Oooh, I like that. You should definitely plant the paper. I want to see what happens! Hopefully sunflowers grow well there... :)

  5. So Im a long time reader and first time commenter lol.. I totally love your site btw...

    I had actually heard somewhere about those but had never actually seen them... I didnt think you could actually SEE the seeds.. its pretty cool and I agree that you should totally plant it and see what happens! Keep us updated :)

  6. Great to know how big names like Google think of unconventional ways of spreading environmental awareness. And their fun way of spreading the love is soo inviting. Seeing things grow is truly magical. Hope to read what becomes of that seed. ;-)

  7. that's very interesting and cool!

  8. Oh wow that is great!

    Way to go Google, I wish more companies can do that like those damn credit card offer companies oh i hate getting that junk mail they are just wasting paper!

  9. That's really frickin cool. I wonder why Google didn't send me the cool paper for my adsense notice.

    Did you ever plant it?


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