Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sounds from where??

Sounds have always followed me. Not common sounds, but strange sounds. Where do they come from? Or who makes them? Is someone trying to talk to me? Or get my attention? What is it? Am I the only one this happens to? Why me??

These are some of the questions I have. Ever since I was little I remember hearing sounds. Strange sounds. Or weird voices I must say. I remember when I was about seven I would stay in my fathers care. I had to stay at his job for about 7 to 8 hours. In many occasions I heard a lady-like calling my name, Rosy, behind my back. I would turn and nobody was there. Never scared me, the voice sounded friendly. It sort of sounded like my mom's voice. But I was more than sure it wasn't her. She would go to work at locations that were like 45 min. away. I heard this voice when my mom had long left to work. Sometimes I though if I was imagining things, but no. This one time I heard her clearly once again. My mom would pick me up in her car, she would yell my name so that I would go to her car. This afternoon I heard a voice exactly like my moms' yelling my name, Rosy, like if she was in her car. As I was preparing to leave, I didn't see my moms car. Then my uncle tells me, I heard your mom calling you. This time I was sure I wasn't the only one hearing this voice. Like two or three hours later I saw my mom arrive. I asked her if she had passed by earlier, she said no, she had just gotten out of work.

So who was this person?? How come I always heard her but never saw her? Ever since I haven't heard my name being called again. I heard her only when I was a little girl when I was at my dads working place. According to someone I know, my guardian angel is a lady, she's Brazilian and her name is Tanya. Could this had been her? I don't know.

The most strangest thing happened to me was when I was dating my ex. I would spend countless hours during my summer vacation using my computer to communicate with him. Then it started. I would walk the hallway and heard something being touched or moved. I kept walking and something else was touched. Sometimes plastic bags, sometimes boxes, doors. This kept on going for about three days. It was always during day time when I was home alone. The third day I remember sitting in front of my computer. I had headphones on and was speaking to my ex. When bang, the closet door was banged! I asked him, "did yo hear that?" He said yes. Then behind me was a tv, and bang! Again, he heard it too. The noises continued I didn't ask him anymore if he heard them or not, I knew I was not going crazy. As if someone was trying to get my attention, or a sign I shouldn't keep talking to him? As I look back now, I got sings all along I shouldn't be with this guy. I used to keep a dream journal in which I would write about the dreams I would remember. Not long ago I found my dream journal I had when I was still dating this guy. In it where two dreams that were very similar, giving me signs of what was going to happen. Now I realize what they meant, and why I had them. But yet again, every often I'll have dreams where I can see the future.

The noises are not always. I'll have consecutive days when I'll hear things, most of the time are during the day. I don't think nobody is trying to scare me, if not I would hear things during night time because I'm afraid of the dark. Until recently I hadn't seen anything but last year, 2010, my daughter was taking a nap, I was using my laptop, I turned because I heard my daughter's toy moving from side to side. Could the wind move this toy? I don't think so. It's kind of heavy to say the wind moved it. The door was closed and windows were closed. I wasn't even near it. The toy was beside the tv. How did it start moving side to side on it's own?? Photo below of the toy...

Miss Lyn when she was much younger, she was 7 months here.

Things like this have happened when I've gone to Guatemala and stayed at my granny's house for vacation. At my old apartment and now at my new apartment. They always happen when I'm alone most of the time, during the day. This is not something that scares me. It intrigues me. I would like to know what's behind it. I will always wonder if it's my guardian angel? Or maybe an alien? I truly believe we're not the only beings in this universe. If aliens do visit us I'm pretty sure they have super powers we are not capable of having yet. Like becoming invisible, or having the shape of other human beings.

I just wanted to get it out there and see if anyone else has had, or is having similar experiences?



  1. Awwww! Such a cutie!! :)

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  2. I've heard a few stories like yours, it can be scary sometimes.

    Thanks for sharing.:D

    ***** Marie *****


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