Thursday, February 3, 2011

Things I like About Myself

Usually I'm noticing negative things on myself, I criticize myself, and I want to stop that!! I should be more than grateful for everything I do and have. So to focus on the positive things, I decided to make a list about positive things I like about myself.

1.    Nice
2.    Honest
3.    Neat
4.    Clean
5.    Smart
6.    Attentive
7.    Responsible
8.    Trustworthy
9.    I take care of myself
10.    I like to workout
11.    I like photography
12.    I love Photoshop
13.    I’m creative
14.    I have patience
15.     I love nature
16.    I like to clean
17.    Sometimes pretty
18.    I always like to smell good
19.    I’m a good mother
20.    Good sense of style
21.    I like to look for bargains
22.    I have nice eyes
23.    I enjoy reading
24.    I try new things all the time
25.    I don’t care what others think of me
26.    I don’t put others down
27.    I laugh at almost anything
28.    Positive attitude
29.    My hair is sexy sometimes
30.    Appreciation of nature
31.    Loyalty
32.    Good secret-keeper
33.    How much I like to think
34.    Weird noises I make
35.    The way I say WOO-HOO
36.    I like that I change
37.    I am open minded
38.    I care for the Earth
39.    My love for animals
40.    When I’m a vegetarian
41.    My common sense
42.    Fair
43.    Sometimes I’ll laugh by myself
44.    I’m healthy
45.    I don’t like to flirt around
46.    I’m open to try new things
47.    When I want something, I go for it
48.    My own religious beliefs and doubts
49.    I am not attached to my phone
50.    I can daydream vividly
51.    I like to improve myself
52.    I’m easily amused
53.    I’m never bored
54.    I can type without looking at the keys
55.    I’m not easily angered
56.    Respect others
57.    I am grateful
58.    I love it when I can lucid dream


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