Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Things to do in a Lifetime

My list of things I want to achieve in this lifetime =D

1.   Find true love.
2.    Win the lottery!
3.    Have a big wedding!
4.    Go to Hawaii on my honeymoon.
5.    Have a Jeep Liberty.
6.    Have my own apt/house.
7.    Have a job I love.
8.    Be an extra in a movie.
9.    Be in a magazine.
10.    Go skydiving!
11.    Bungee jump.
12.    Ride a zip line.
13.    View the Earth from the Moon.
14.    Learn to speak a foreign language .
15.    Be a member of the audience in a TV show.
16.    Shower in a waterfall.
17.    Chase a storm!!
18.    Eat an insect dish.
19.    Watch the stars from Pan the Azucar, Chile.
20.    Spend a night in a haunted house.
21.    Write my will.
22.    Visit the Holy Land.
23.    Run to the top of the Statue of Liberty.
24.    Climb the Eiffel Tower.
25.    Swim with dolphins.
26.    Visit every continent.
27.    Walk the Great Wall of China.
28.    Ride a camel into the desert.
29.    Learn to play a musical instrument.
30.    Learn to sign very well.
31.    Fly First Class.
32.    Be interviewed on TV.
33.    Visit Machu Picchu.
34.    Sponsor a child.
35.    Adopt a baby elephant.
36.    Climb an active volcano.
37.    Dive to the Titanic on-board a submarine.
38.    Climb the great pyramid of Egypt.
39.    Take an African safari.
40.    Watch an orchestral performance in Vienna.
41.    Visit Selena’s grave.
42.    Explore the Amazon.
43.    Try acupuncture.
44.    Take a photo in front of the Hollywood sign.
45.    Learn how to scuba dive.
46.    Get hair laser removal.
47.    Get Invisalign.
48.    Get ear surgery.
49.    See perfectly with my own two eyes.
50.    Have my own website.



  1. Ear surgery?

    U have crazy ideas!!

    Follow me if u want:
    I'm following u now ;)
    xoxo ;*

  2. you don't speak ANY foreign language?

  3. I speak English and Spanish, and a bit french. I want to know French fluently!! :)


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