Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Vegetarian Again

I'm officially vegetarian once again, and I think vegan soon because cheese and milk are no longer appetizing.

A few days ago I started eating no meat at all. My mom is the one who usually cooks meat, chicken, fish, etc. and I'm the one who cooks everything else. For no reason, meat was getting yucky for me! I don't even know why. I haven't watched any cruel videos about how animals get killed to be eaten, or I don't think consciously that I'm eating animal because I know I wouldn't eat my food.

Smashed potato, smashed beans, cheesy pasta, baked potato, and veggie patty.

A little background info, I was vegetarian for one year. I wanted to try myself how it was like to be vegetarian, and I did. I have to be honest, back then it was hard the first week, because I had always been carnivorous!! I would get kind of cranky if I didn't see on my plate some animal, I always wanted to eat animal! So going vegetarian for a month was like, what am I'm getting into? During the first week, I also started informing myself. I went to peta2.com regularly to read about the reality that's going on, about the cruel animal tests, and they even have videos on all of this!! It was disturbing to watch, but this helped to continue my vegetarian way. After a month passed, I didn't want to go back! It was so easy to eat yummy foods without having meat, and meat became yucky for me!

Then I became pregnant and I wanted to start eating meat once again, I found it tasty once again. If I didn't eat meat for a day it wouldn't bother me. I was able to eat anything.

Healthy salad. To add some flavor I added Garlic flavored croutons and blue cheese dressing.

Now once again, it started maybe like two weeks ago, I would sometimes eat animal, sometimes I wouldn't. Yesterday my mom made spaghetti with meat, but luckily she doesn't mix them together, because my sister is vegetarian as well (she's been vegetarian for like, 7 years?) and she always saves food for her. It had sauce, so I just added Parmesan cheese, and it was sooo good. I didn't miss adding the meat. I feel so good not being part of the meat eaters, and be able to look into an animal's eye without feeling hypocrite. Sometime soon I want to try going Vegan for a month to see how it goes.

And today, on the Oprah show they showed a video, being inside a slaughterhouse. Watch here if you like. CAUTION: It's very graphic, I had tears in my eyes when I saw this!! According to Cargill, the cows basically don't feel anything and they die at "peace". This is the US way to kill animals, imagine how it's done in other countries?!! This convinced me even more to be vegetarian all the way!! I think it's ridiculous to not be able to watch this and still be able to eat meat. At least see where it all comes from and how it's done. I also think it's hypocrite to say, "I'm an animal lover", then I ask, "Oh, so you must be vegetarian or vegan?" They answer no.



  1. i am starting to be a vegetarian...yet again Ha ha ha. :)

  2. I am a vegetarian & loving it! But I enjoy cooking fish & chicken for my husband.

    Change brings refreshment & new meaning to life. So have fun... happy eating :)


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