Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

 Many years ago, on a Monday just like yesterday, around 1:00 AM I was born! Yayy! I turned sweet 23! lol I spent the day basically shopping. I got birthday cards from my family members and money! Which I'll be depositing in my back account :) 

 My day started by going to Toys R Us Express. I didn't even know there was an Express store lol. I bought, this Ball Mania thing for my daughter. There's no better gift than seeing your little one so happy. Although at first she was so scared to even get in, after a few minutes she started having fun!!

Next we went to Sears. Every time I go there, first department I visit is jewelry!! And this is what I found! A pair of earrings from 1928 for only $2!! Regular price used to be $14. And the two necklaces were each $24 and I only got them for $2 each!! What a steal!!

 Here I am wearing them. These are so different from necklaces I own! I love them, specially for the price I bought them for!

Next we went to the perfume department. My mom was carrying Miss Lyn and she went straight for this perfume! It's such a lovely scent! Baby Phat - Dare Me. It's kind of similar to Pink Sugar, so sweet almost vanilla cake smell. She didn't want to let go of the bottle and kept smelling it. We gave her other ones but this is the one she kept insisting to get.

As as treat to myself, I did my nails!! I bought these nails from CVS!
They look so nice and natural.

Now comes the online shopping part...
Because I'm a Beauty Insider subscriber at Sephora.com you get this free birthday shampoo/boby wash/bubble bath. It's three in one! It smells just like vanilla cake!
This is actually my first time buying an YSL lipstick!! I got Silky - Sensual #2! So excited for this color! I love the color, I love the packaging, and the lipstick smell! So sweet! Also I bought my first bottle of Urban Decay Primer Potion. I've heard so many good things from this primer for the looooongest but never got it before for the price. But it has such great reviews I think it'll be worth it.

Along with my Sephora shopping, I got these free perfume samples!

And how exciting!! I got my first CHI flat iron from OhMyHair.com! They sell authentic flat irons for cheaper prices!! I paid for this one $70!! Another steal!

Along with my order I got this free bracelet! It's really nice!
I totally recommend buying from this site.

Lastly, a special thanks to my friend Johana for my Express gift! I got this grayish/ruffle/flowery top, along with a bracelet! How nice of her!

This is how my day was spent, receiving all these goodies!
Yayy, I kan't believe I'm 23! :o



  1. Happy birthday! Your nails look gorgeous :) I need to go to Sears to check out their jewelry now.

  2. Thank you!
    How cool that we share the same birth day, March 28 =D

  3. I'll be 18 this coming April 7. Aside from birthday cards like yours I hope I can have a good gift from my parents. Preferably an Ipad 2 in my hands!

  4. What lovely birthday goodies - I just love the name of the perfume - Dare Me!

    stop by!

  5. Belated Happy Birthday!:D

    The Ball Mania looks fun and glad you enjoyed your day.:D

    ***** Marie *****


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