Sunday, April 17, 2011

Movie Talk, Timeless?

 Timeless? Or Limitless?? Limitless!!!!!!! As we, my friend Johana and I, were going to the booth to buy our movie tickets she came to the window to say, "I want a ticket to see Timeless", the lady answered, "You mean Limitless?", "Oh yeahhhh, Limitless!" lol haha! Yeah, that's how my friend is, cuckoo-head lol...

When we got to Dolphin Mall, we bought our movie tickets, and had 45 min. to spare to which we took advantage for dinner. We headed to Johnny Rockets, which I wasn't too excited about because I didn't know if they had any vegan options and to my amazement they did! I ordered their vegan burger, The Streamliner (The original meatless Boca® burger with grilled onions, fresh lettuce, ripe tomato, pickle & mustard.) I ordered mine without the mustard. It was tasty. I got my burger paired with their American Fries, it was yum!!

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And what to say about Limitless? Awesome movie!!!!!! One of the best movies I have seen a while! I want to get some of those pills, where you learn about anything or do anything in a matter of hours or days. Basically it's about this homeless guy who just by drinking 'magic' pills he became so smart and rich! Really great movie, what to say about the main actor?..... Kuuuu-teeee! His eyes, awww! I would learn French, Japanese, play the piano, harp, be a Photoshop pro, etc. I would do so much I would never end.
Thanks Johana for a nice night out! We have a lovely time! 


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