Monday, April 25, 2011

Outfit of the Day

 This is actually the second time me wearing shorts in years!! I never felt comfy in them, thinking I didn't have the right legs or I have to shave so much because I'm sooo hairy! I decided to give my shorts some use since they were hidden in the darkest part of my closet. Now I'm getting kind of used to it.

 Top - Zenana Outfitters
Blazer - Sweet & Sinful
Shorts - American Rag
Sandals - Report

Everything bought at Ross, except the shorts, they were bought at Macy's.

 Necklace - Claire's
Ring - High School Ring
Watch - Relic
Bracelet - Got it from my sis, which she got from my granny.



  1. No shorts? But you look good in 'em! =)

    I'm the one who never wears shorts in public. I have had skin asthma since childhood and my legs look ugh! My mom however has been very helpful in encouraging me..telling me if its comfort i'm after, i shouldn't be very conscious about what other people think of my legs. So long as the length is 'decent' enough to cover what needs to be covered, she'd let me out in shorts. =)

  2. Really cute outfit :)

    Xoxo Christine


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