Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Book Talk, The Kind Diet

 Who would have thought I would end up buying this book??? I'm not the type of person to buy any books or movies because I know I'm going to give them use only once and I don't want them laying around. So is this book that good to have bought a copy to own?? I can say it was life changing. It was eye-opening. I felt betrayed by society. I got so many emotions after just reading the first chapter. I'm always into novels/fantasy/vampire type of books. I never ever thought of reading a diet book. I'm not into losing any weight, I feel comfortable the way I am, I just wanted to know the other side of being Vegan.

When I first heard of this book at the same time I was considering becoming Vegetarian once again. I know I had made a blog post about becoming Vegetarian but I had been cheating every now and then. If I saw chicken I would eat it, only if it was fully cooked almost dry. Meat I wasn't liking anymore, not even cheese nor milk!! Why??? I had never been like this, should I turn Vegan? That's when I was watching The Doctors and they had a special guest, Alicia Silverstone!!! One of my fave Hollywood actresses from the 90's. She appeared in the movie Clueless!! She's now pregnant and was talking about her book that had come out last year, 'The Kind Diet'. She said she had been Vegan for around seven years and this is what her book was about. Immediately I requested a copy from my local library as I had been quite intrigued as to why people eat this way, I just wanted to know. I always thought there's no way I would ever be Vegan, you kan't do that! That's what I used to think.

At the same time I wanted a copy of this book I had requested a few books to read to my daughter. I noticed 'The Kind Diet' had a long waiting list! When I received a text message from the library it said the children books were ready to pick up. I had already made up my mind, I won't be reading The Kind Diet, I won't have time for that, I have so much to study. To my surprise when we got to the library, they already had The Kind Diet for me. No way!! The library had only one copy, I had placed the book on request a few days ago, and they already had it for me? Another sign I should read this book.

“When diet is wrong medicine is of no use. When diet is correct medicine is of no need.” – Ancient Ayurvedic Proverb

So I did. As I first started reading this book I just knew it!! This is the book for me, this is the information I needed to know. I felt it! I felt like crying because how can this world be so cruel??? Literally I feel like, "Aliens come take me out of this planet, I don't want to be here!!". So what did I learn? Now I know we humans are natural-plant eaters. As this article says so. By being Vegan it's a three way win!! Helping yourself by eating what humans were meant to eat, saving the planet, and not supporting the cruelty of animals. As of now I'm totally Vegan. Eating meat and drinking milk are the main culprits of people suffering of so many health problems: heart attacks, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, allergies, etc.

"Now I can look at you in peace; I don't eat you anymore." - Franz Kafka

Now I feel like telling everyone, why not take advantage of what we have today, internet and books to make our own research and open our eyes. This is information society, big corporations will try to hide away from us. If you are in it for a big change, all for the best, I think this is the book for you. This book contains so much information and facts about many research studies proving eating meat has so many side effects. Shows you how to make gradual changes to move to a healthier diet. And it also has many eye-delicious recipes which I will be trying soon. This is a book I deff had to own!!
"As long as we keep our eyes closed, we can feel comfortable, and as long as we’re comfortable, they will continue to suffer and die." Pg. 31

My next blog post on this topic will be about my Vegan experience. All my body changes that have been for the best so far :))



  1. Hey Lyn,

    So your post rose my interest in this book! I'm actually a biology major and you probably know that there are other ways to get protein aside from meat (which btw red meat is bad for your heart if eaten excessively) and that's by different combinations of foods such as red beans and rice (the amino acids missing in order to turn red beans into a protein rich food are found in rice, they're like puzzle pieces!) Aside from that, animal meat is composed of carbohydrates so when people are eating an all protein diet to avoid carbs, they're really still eating carbs haha I'm a chicken-lover though so IDK that I'd be willing to give up chicken! I'm definitely gonna be looking out for this book at the library cause I'm not fond of purchasing books either as my textbooks for school are in the 100s range :|


  2. Thank you for reading!! Exactly, that's why I never purchase any books, for the same reason as you. College books are so expensive, but like I said, I just had to buy it because there are so many recipes I want to try and has so much useful information I want to look back to. As for chicken, I replace them with veggie patties. The taste is the same, from Morning Star. They also have burger replacement, sausages, etc. And it's all veggies, and contains protein!

  3. Thanks for sharing your diet tips. I hope other people will be motivated after reading this post.


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