Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Girl's Perspective on Veganism

 Very smart girl, she knows more than most adults!! I got tears in my eyes when I saw this, I want my daughter Lyn to someday know as much as her. ♥ She's only 7!! She talks about what's really good for us to eat and the things we should be wearing without supporting cruelty to animals. Go Vegans!!

A dance by her 'Listen to Your Heart'...

Please people take advantage of the internet and books to do your own research. By becoming Vegans it's a three-way win!! Helping yourself by eating what humans were meant to eat, saving the planet, and not supporting the cruelty of animals!! How cool is that?! Everything for a great change!

If you love animals called pets, why do you eat animals called dinner?  ~As seen on a shirt at

Had to mention her on my blog ♥


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