Friday, May 6, 2011

TRIA Update - Treatment 8

 Yet another TRIA update! This was treatment 8, the photos were taken back on March 20th. I know, it's been a while. I already did treatment 9, and treatment 10 will be May 21st. The first six treatments are done every two weeks, after that, it's every four weeks. That's why it may appeared as if I have more hair because I didn't shave between treatments.

 Arm, ugh pesky lil' hairs!

Leg, furious hairs trying to grow back...

Overall, yes the hairs are visibly less! ♥ I have three more treatments to go! Yayy!

For more info you can view Tria on Amazon: 



TRIA Updates


  1. Thank you, I'll keep doing updates till the end :)

  2. I should try too.:)
    Link exchange?I added u in my list.:)kisses

  3. Nice update, hope it all goes well :)

    Fashion Rehab

  4. Hi! I`m interested in the Tria results, it looks interesting, your pictures go back to the second session? do you have one of how your hair was before you started using it? also do you have to shave the area before using it?

  5. I don't actually. I was so embarrassed and was so happy to have this on my hands I completely forgot about taking initial photos.

  6. I hope you make a video of the treatment itself. That will surely be fun and exciting.


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