Monday, July 4, 2011

Forever 21 Jewelry Haul

Along with my sister we decided it would be movie night! We enjoy going to Sunset Mall and agreed to watch Thor. She loved it, I hated it lol. It was a bit early before the movie started so we still had some time to spare. What better than shopping at Forever 21!! I have to be honest, I never clothe shop at F21. Not really my style, but when it comes to jewelry.... I wish I could take everything!! ♥

 Everything is so cute and cheap!!
I decided to get six pretty necklaces.... :)

 Silver leopard (I also saw it in gold color), vintage white flower, colorful fish (my fave! always get nice compliments on this one).

 Elephant, pearl bow, and a loooong heart necklace.

  A pair of earrings and black flower ring!! Love it!
With everything I spent about $20!!

 Thor movie ticket. I know I posted this kind late :P

I have to go here more often. I think I shop here only like twice a year :((



  1. Nice haul. I have been shopping alot lately. I would love it if you could check out some of my hauls on my blog.


  2. Forever 21 has always been pampering their customers with beautiful jewelries. Some are sapphire necklaces which have fancy and cute designs.

  3. I love everything Forever 21 jewelry!! ♥

  4. Those are cute jewelries from Forever21. The colorful fish looks really cute and can be a good gift to your friends.

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  6. Forever 21 Jewelry is one of the best jewelry I have seen in the while. I love that their jewelries match with the clothes they sell.

  7. I agree with the last comment. I always visit Forever 21 store to check new and unique designs of jewelries. I love the silver leopard pendant. Forever 21 should sell golds since I love collecting gold jewelries as well.

  8. Yeah the silver leopard and the fishy are my fave!!


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