Friday, July 29, 2011

Looking for a Home

**UPDATE: He got adopted by a nice family. 

For a couple of months now, my sister and I would pass by an apartment with a dog in a very small balcony, where he was clearly being neglected by his careless owners. We called and sent a letter to a local animal rescue in vain, for although we believe animal police visited these people, they did nothing to improve the dog’s situation. Today, while walking by the apartment and by talking to a informed neighbor, we found out that the owners had moved out and left the dog in the street. The animal was quite clearly mistreated: he is underweight to the point that his rib-bones show and his smell indicate that he hasn’t been showered in a while. I immediately called Miami Animal Services, but they told me they would try to find him in 24 hours, in which time he could get harmed out in the streets.

He is currently residing in my own balcony, and has been very happy to have freedom and affection for the first time in how long. I would gladly keep him, but we don’t have enough apartment size for a dog his size and my parents do not want another pet. We are looking for a loving family that can take this dog into their home. He is super friendly, cute, and very calm. He showed no signs of aggression towards my two cats and smaller dog, nor to my two-year old niece. He also doesn’t seem to be a loud barker.
Please contact me immediately if you are interested in adopting this very cute dog.

P.S. I do not have further information. I do not know his name

Written by my sister Cindy Osorto.



  1. Hey where do you live ? Such a sad story ! I would gladly adopt him ! email me

  2. Thanks for your interest, gladly he got adopted by a nice family :)


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