Friday, September 30, 2011

Hug a Vegetarian Day 2011

 September 30th is Hug a Vegetarian Day!! A hug to everyone!!
This is my outtake with my little princess!! 

Recently this year I became a vegan!! ♥ I always thought it would be kind of hard to adapt to a new way of eating, but little did I know it was going to be one of the best choices I have ever made. Not only do I feel healthier, but I feel proud I'm not contributing to animal cruelty and global warming. 
These are a few examples of healthy, yummy meals...

A meal all made by me. Whole grain pasta, lentils, baked veggies, and a whole bread with Earth Balance butter. 

Banana-Coconut muffins!!!!!! So delicious, everyone loves them!! You kan get the recipe from here

Just a simple healthy snack. Blueberries, melon, salad, and raspberries.
Makes your ♥ happy. :)

If you're interested in knowing more about a vegan diet I recommend reading 'The Kind Diet'. Thanks to this book I didn't feel lost about adopting a vegan diet.
Here are some outtakes from other vegetarians/vegans on the Peta2 website with their hug images.



  1. I wish I could hug you! I went vegetarian this year but my ultimate goal is to become a vegan, but I can't let go of yogurt! ARGH!

  2. Aww, thanks!! You can try vegan yogurt, made out of soy.


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