Monday, October 3, 2011

Confetti Purple Party

I have decided to name this blog post 'Confetti Purple Party' because I had fun doing this nail design using only Confetti nail polishes. The ones I used are 'Purple Parade' and 'Purple Pizzazz'.

First I applied my clear base coat. Then two coats of 'Purple Parade'. For the second glittery color what I did was grab a regular triangular makeup sponge. On a paper I placed a few drops of 'Purple Pizzazz'. With the sponge I dabbed the corner into the color and then applied it to my nail. Applying the color higher on the edges, to make it look curved. Finally I just finished off with my top clear coat. That was it, simple and easy. I thought it looked so kute! Something different.

I had fun doing this, hope you guys like it :)


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