Friday, October 28, 2011

Dark Vegan Lips

Recently I have been Etsy shopping. For this holiday I wanted to own at least two dark shades of lipstick for when I take photos of myself. I have some new ideas on upcoming photoshoots. I didn't want to spend a lot in dark lipsticks and so I found a few on They can also work perfectly now for Halloween.

First one off a 'Black & Blue' shade from Sobe Botanicals. I wanted to get this one as soon as I saw it was vegan friendly!! No animal testing nor any animal by-products. I love the packaging it came in. Leopard print baggy with a red ribbon and some extra goodies, two makeup samples as you can see on the image on top. They are two shadows although it doesn't mention what shades they are. It's so nice to see when sellers take extra time to make the packaging so nice.

Next one I found was 'Black Widow' by  Providence and Grace. A nice black shade which makes your lips look fuller and pop in black/white photos.

Comparing swatches, 'Black Widow' on the left, and 'Black & Blue' on the right.
Two beautiful colors for the lips maybe to wear for this Halloween, for photos, or if you feel comfy going out wearing these shades.


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