Friday, October 28, 2011

Products of the Month: October 2011

For this month I have a love and hate product.

Lets begin with the one I love...

My YSL Rouge Volupté lipstick!! This is the only one I owe so far by YSL. I have it in 'Sensual Silk', a neutral pink. You can wear it as a nude lipstick too. What I do is apply in only on my bottom lip and press my lips so whatever I have transfers to my upper lip without having the intense original color. I love the creamy texture!! Feels so lovely on the lips. Very pigmented, has a soft girly scent, and includes a mirror on top of tube. Things I dislike, the price, doesn't last very long, and apparently YSL test on animals and I bought this before I even became vegan, I won't buy from them again until they become cruelty-free. :(( Other than that I have been wearing this every single day.

 Now onto the product I hate...

Physician's Formula Organic Wear mascara in 'Ultra Black'. This is one of my fave drugstore companies who don't test on animals. When I spotted this I was eager to get it! How gorgeous is the bottle!! So different than the regular ones, a bright green in a shape of a leaf ♥ Even more, it read organic!! I was like yayy! It seems to have all the good stuff in it: voluminous, ingredients from organic farming, jumbo brush, recyclable eco-brush, etc. But I was so sad after each time I wore this. I would find myself with smudged, flaky, smeared eyes after such a short time. So terrible. Although I know this is not the case for everyone. I know my sister loves it, I have read great reviews on it, but for some reason this happens to me.
 Am I the only one having this problem with the Organic Wear mascara??
Let me know what you ladies think! Till next time :)



  1. It's such a shame YSL tests on animals, these lipsticks are gorgeous! I'm sorry the mascar didn't work for you, I loved the packaging!

  2. Love the packaging of both products <3 Thanks for sharing!!!
    Nice blog honey :D

  3. U can translate my blog (right side of blog:)


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