Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tag! 10 Things I Like in a Guy

I came upon this tag while browsing Elle & Blair. I always have fun doing tags!

So here it goes...

1. Has to LOVE animals.
2. Get along with kids.
3. Needs to have a great sense of humor.
4. Be attractive, with nice facial features.
5. Make me feel special all the time.
6. Has to be able to cook pretty well.
7. Doesn't drink/smoke.
8. Knows how to dress accordingly.
9. Surprise me every once in a while.
10. Should be my best friend. ♥

& it's just so hard to keep it to 10 so I just want to add a few more things...
a guy who's polite, friendly, not into partying, educated, with good manners, fun, loving, respectful, doesn't judge me on my past mistakes, wants to be with me all the time, taller, text me regularly, take care of me, etc. 

I tag everyone who reads this!! 

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