Monday, October 24, 2011

Tag! What's Your Fragrance?

Saw this post on the Elle & Blair site and thought I would answer these fun questions to share. I have copied the questions first and then my answers...
  1.     Fruity, floral, warm, spicy, or food smell?
  2.     Body spray or perfume?
  3.     Whats your all time favorite perfume?
  4.     Whats your all time favorite body spray?
  5.     What are fragrance are you wearing right now?
 My answers:
  1. Floral!! I love smelling girly all the time.
  2. Definately perfume!
  3. Pink Sugar!! But right now taking a break from it. 
  4. I don't buy any body spray since I was a teen. 
  5. I have been using Curve Chill, lotion and perfume. ♥
Photo is from here.

1 comment:

  1. I want to do this too! I'm a BIG fan of gourmand fragrances and my all time favorite is Jessica Simpson Fancy <3


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